The 11 Annual May Day Open

05/06/2010 - 05/09/2010

Junior Men Freeskate

Free Skate

Final Result Details

Place Name TSS
SS TR PE CH IN Deduction
1 Emmanuel Savary, Univ of Delaware FSC 108.90 54.88 55.02 5.63 5.25 5.31 5.63 5.69 1.00 #1


Function Name
Judge 1 Alison Arnold, Duxbury, MA
Judge 2 Najja Bracey, Alexandria, VA
Judge 3 Anna Ctvrtnicek, Kettering, OH
Judge 4 John O'Connor, Philadelphia, PA
Judge 5 Marie Pearce, Atlanta, GA
Judge 6 Hazel Wecal, Denver, CO
Referee Nancy Bizzano, Delano, MN
Technical Controller William Rowe, Medford, MA
Technical Specialist Christian Newberry, Harrisburg PA
Assistant Technical Specialist Catherine Horan, Clifton, VA

TSS Total Segment Score
TES Total Element Score
PCS Program Component Score
SS Skating Skills
TR Transitions
PE Performance/Execution
CH Choreography
IN Interpretation

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010, 07:21 PM Eastern Daylight Time