Welcome to GFSC

Gardens Figure Skating Club of Maryland is a proud member of the United States Figure Skating Association. Originally established as the Suburban Skating Club of Maryland in 1978, we were re-established in the year 2000 at our current home facility The Gardens Ice House of Laurel, Maryland. We are a volunteer-run organization dedicated to promoting the sport of figure skating by encouraging practice, performance, competition, and testing.

Proud Member of US Figure Skating


May Day Open Competition 2023

The May Day Open Competition 2023 will be held May 11-13, 2023


2023 GFSC Spring Show – The Little Mermaid on Ice!

Come join us and skate (or maybe swim…) in our 2023 GFSC Spring Show – The Little Mermaid on Ice! Let’s make this year the best one ever and fill the ice and the seats together!


Below is a link to the application which (although long.. I know) has all the information that I THINK you’ll need, including the practice schedule.  As usual, we will work around any practices that may be missed for other activities – we just want whoever wants to participate to be able to (even if they can only do one day of shows…)


Please sign up ASAP so we can start casting and get ready. Hope to see you ALL soon on the ice!


The Little Mermaid on Ice Forms

May Day Open Competition 2022

We host an annual competition called the May Day Open. This competition attracts approximately 450 competitors from Basic Skills through Senior level, and Adult Bronze though Gold levels. Judges include those with national and international level experience. Events include freestyle, compulsory events (moves, spins, jumps), interpretive freestyle, artistic freestyle, pairs, ice dancing and theatre on ice. The results from the 2022 May Day Open and Compete USA can be found at: https://ijs.usfigureskating.org/leaderboard/results/2022/30408/index.asp

Minted Fundraiser

This year, Gardens Figure Skating Club of Maryland, Inc. is fundraising with Minted and we need your help to reach our goal! Simply use our unique code FUNDRAISEGARDENSFIGSKAT at checkout and we’ll receive 15% of the proceeds from your purchase – you’ll also get 20% OFF your order. It’s that easy! Shop now: https://www.minted.com/

A Statement of Solidarity from the Gardens Figure Skating Club

The Gardens Figure Skating Club (GFSC) is committed to supporting the Black Lives Matter movement and other organized non-violent, anti-racist activities that are currently being carried out to advocate positive change and equality for the treatment of all races within the United States. GFSC recognizes the need for change within the figure skating community. As such, we stand in solidarity with the Black community to work to create a more just and equitable environment for those who wish to participate in this ice sport. GFSC pledges to work toward improving the skating environment at The Gardens Ice House for all of our current and any potential members, and we will take the following actions to achieve this:

  • We will continue to recruit and support skaters of color within our club, providing them with opportunities to thrive and grow within the sport.
  • We will continue to work to create an inclusive and safe space for all skaters and provide educational resources to our club members and coaches.
  • We will partner with organizations that serve the Black skating community, such as Diversify Ice, Black Girls Skate, and Figure Skating in Harlem, to enrich opportunities for skaters of color to enter into the sport and into all of the skating disciplines.

We invite you, our club members and supporters, to continue to educate yourselves about ways that YOU can personally make a difference and stand against racial injustice. You can start by visiting https://blacklivesmatters.carrd.co/ for educational and donation resources and consider donating to the NAACP.

Now Accepting Donations Via Zelle 

Help support our club in our mission to promote and support the sport of figure skating by sending monetary donations to gardensfsc@gmail.com via the Zelle App. Your financial support will help us continue to extend a variety of opportunities to figure skaters such as testing, performance and practice.